A Journey to Adult Baptism

After reading Arthur’s article I realised that it is so much more than just a blog but a testimony of faith and obedience. In a world that might not fully understand Adult Baptism I found his journey refreshing and encouraging.

My Journey to Adult Baptism
By Arthur Pember

I was settled, content but after attending a Methodist church for thirty years I felt God was telling me to move on. My idea was to go to local churches and see which I would choose. I mentioned this to a friend who asked me to try Kings. I arrived one Sunday morning. Upon entering the church I was warmly greeted by the members on the door.  People came up to me both before and after the service, eager to welcome me and make me feel at ease. I enjoyed the service and noted how good the music was. I was so impressed that I attended for the next few weeks, then decided this was the right church for me. There seemed a peace and calm as soon as I entered the church.  After a while I joined a house group and soon settled in. It was like having an extended family. They care for each other and help in practical ways when needed. At Kings there are constant  prayers. You could approach a Leader, or there is always someone nearby willing to pray with you.

I have been going to Kings for over two years. Recently Mark spoke about making a commitment to Kings and adult baptism. Being a Methodist I had never thought about it but as Mark spoke it became clear to me that it made sense to declare my love of God. I went on a Unite course, during which Mark asked me my opinion on adult baptism. At first I was unsure but after praying I knew this was the right thing to do. I spent time with Mark and soon the actual day loomed. The church was quite full and friends came from the Methodist church to support me. I was worried about full immersion and being lowered back into the water. God came to my aid over this as the bathing pool sprung a leak and there was only a few inches of water left in the pool. I knelt in the pool and water was poured over my head.

It is now a week since I was baptised and I feel a different person. I want to tell everyone I meet about my experience and I am more relaxed in my ways. There is still a ring of peace above my head. A number of things have happened to me in the last week.

Sunday – I had a bad holiday and for weeks I had been seeking improved compensation from the travel agent. There was a message on my computer when I returned home after my baptism asking me to contact  them which resulted in an increased offer.

Monday –  I had a call from The Beacon Centre who want to run the carpet bowls sessions being closed by the Council that I am part of.

Tuesday  – I am not usually good with computers..Today I set up and claimed Gift Aid for Arnold Food bank.

Wednesday –  I was in a car with a friend A car came speeding out of an opening and I was convinced there was going to be a nasty accident. Thanks to my friend’s skill and God being with us the car missed by centimetres.

Thursday –  I went to the garage with a problem with my wing mirror. They stated it was covered in my warranty.

Could these be coincidences, I think not. Thanks to our Lord.

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