Faith to hold on

Sometimes when we talk about faith, we use it in the context of taking bold strides forward, stepping into new things, taking risk and trusting in the outcome.  And when all is good, when life is sweet and all seems secure these steps seem possible, appear achievable.

In my life I’ve made a few of these steps – life changing decision’s – and have generally seen positive, encouraging outcomes but that’s for another blog post

But let’s be honest for a minute, there are many situations and times where we don’t feel secure.  Many of us are not in those places of strength, our current foothold seems unsecure, so how on earth can we take a step forward in confidence.  It’s in these times we don’t need a faith “step” but a faith “grip”.

It may be a season of illness, of job loss or tragedy.  Its in these seasons we need the faith to hold on, to hold tight.

The Psalms, a set of beautifully written poems and songs in the Bible reflect this sense of holding on and can be a great comfort.  Psalm 31 (read it in full HERE) echoes the pain of suffering, of struggling.  Here are a few lines from it:

I’ve cried my eyes out; I feel hollow inside.
My life leaks away, groan by groan; my years fade out in sighs.
My troubles have worn me out, turned my bones to powder.
To my enemies I’m a monster; I’m ridiculed by the neighbors.
My friends are horrified; they cross the street to avoid me.
They want to blot me from memory, discard me like a broken dish in the trash.


You can hear the writers pain and anguish – maybe it echoes with your situation?  So what does he do, how does this story end?

Well it’s a simple statement, a conscious decision.  Despite all the circumstances around him, despite how he feels the writer of this poem expresses what it is to make a faith “grip”

But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, “You are my God!” My future is in your hands.

I’m choosing to hold on, I’m choosing to make a faith grip on you God and all you can do.

Let me finish this blog with this picture.  Imagine a ship at sea, a storm approaches, the waves increase and the wind strengthens – for a time onward travel is too difficult.  The only option is to make harbour, to get behind those big storm walls, find safety and rest and wait.

That’s what we need to do when storms hit our lives – find rest and safety in God, find the peace and security only He can bring.

Then maybe when the storm has passed and the wind has died down you can carry on that journey, taking some great steps of faith.

Have you ever experienced the peace of God in a stormy life situation, found His security when all is crumbling around you?  Why not let us know, leave a comment, we would love to hear these stories.

Mark H