Walking on Walls

A couple of weeks ago I was driving down one of the back roads home from church. I don’t really know why I use this route, it’s out of habit I think. Well, on this occasion I had to slow down because there was a child walking on a garden wall that was close to the road. The boy could not have been older than 4 and his dad was holding his hand all the way, when he got to the end of the wall the boy did this big jump off the wall onto the pavement. The dad was cheering and  the boy was celebrating his achievement with raised arms and then giving his dad a “high five”. I have to be honest and say that the first thought that went through my mind as I passed them was “what’s the big deal, the wall is only 2 feet tall”. It was only when I got home that I realised how juvenile that was from me and then it hit me!

It’s all about perspective.

For that boy, the wall was huge! It was not a 2 foot garden wall but a 6 foot wall of fire. He was showing his dad that “he has what it takes”, to be courageous, brave and basically awesome.

We all have our own wall to walk on, that will test us in many ways and God will be right there to hold our hands. We need to understand that no one’s wall is the same, we are all at different stages in life and we should not try and compare ourselves to others. We have our own race to run and at the end the “high five” we exchange with God will be just as full of excitement as the celebration I witnessed between that boy and his father.

So next time you encounter a challenge, remember you’re not walking along that wall alone. And next time you are confused by somebody else’s reaction to something, remind yourself that everybody’s journey is different, and it wasn’t that long ago that you were struggling with the smaller ‘walls’ yourself…